Effective July 7th it is mandatory as per Toronto City Bylaw that all visitors must wear a mask when indoors. Our Mausolea are now open for general visitation; please click for hours and further details.
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Process of Cremation

While cremation dates back over 5,000 years, today’s highly efficient process has evolved from techniques developed just a century ago.

What’s Involved in Cremation?

Cremation is a strictly controlled process. Park Lawn LP cremations take place in our carefully maintained facilities using procedures that guard the dignity and individuality of each person. The deceased is laid to rest inside a casket or rigid container and placed inside a cremation chamber where it is consumed by high heat. The ashes are then placed in a temporary container or permanent urn, and returned to the family. The entire cremation process lasts approximately three hours. Loved ones are welcome to attend the cremation if they so choose.


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