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Required Documentation

Before a cremation can be performed in Ontario, the deceased’s next of kin or executor must attend to some important paperwork.

Medical Certificate of Death
When a person dies, the attending medical doctor or coroner completes a Medical Certificate of Death and gives it to a funeral director to accompany the body as it leaves the hospital or private home.

Statement of Death
This official form records important information about the deceased, such as Social Insurance Number (SIN), date and place of birth and death, and family information. Statistics Canada uses this information for medical research and data purposes.

Official Death Certificate
The Medical Certificate of Death and Statement of Death are both submitted to the municipal clerk’s office, usually by the funeral director. Once the death is officially registered, the next of kin or executor may apply for an official death certificate from the Province of Ontario, Office of the Registrar General. Official death certificates are required to settle an estate, or access government services, such as pensions.

Burial Permit
Cremation and other funeral services cannot be performed until a burial permit is issued.  If the death occurs in Ontario but the burial or other disposition is to take place outside of Ontario, the body cannot be removed until an Ontario burial permit is obtained. 

Cremation Application Form
This form provides Park Lawn LP with important information about the deceased as well your authorization to cremate the body.

Contract of Services
This contract itemizes the complete list of services that Park Lawn LP will perform on behalf of your family, with their associated costs including all disbursements.

Cremation Certificate
This certificate validates the details of the deceased’s cremation process and should accompany the cremated remains at all times.


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