Effective July 7th it is mandatory as per Toronto City Bylaw that all visitors must wear a mask when indoors. Our Mausolea are now open for general visitation; please click for hours and further details.
Our offices are open by appointment only.
Contact us: 1.888.636.6798


Parklawn LP (PLLP) is committed to serving our families and keeping them safe. We are equally focused on the health and safety of our employees.

The current situation is extremely fluid and PLLP has been navigating operations in an effort to slow the transmission of this virus to the best of our abilities. We are taking extra precautions to keep our facilities and offices sanitized.

Effective July 7th, it is mandatory to wear a mask when visiting or attending a service in any of our indoor facilities. At all other times it is recommended that a mask be worn. With your understanding, please be aware that we have revised our previous implementations with the following procedures:

Access to Facilities

Entrance to the Administrative Offices will be by appointment only. The doors will be locked at all times. For essential needs, please call the office number for assistance (see Contact Us).

Access to our mausolea for general visitation is now available. We ask that you respect the hours posted, observe all government directives still in effect (social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing) mandatory wearing of mask.

Hours of visitation are as follows:

Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 8:00pm

Safe Distance Protocol

Effective June 13th, 2020, the Ontario Government rescinded previous restriction on large gatherings at funerals and now advised for outdoor services no more than 50 attendees and for indoor services restricted to a number that allows for all directives to be observed. We will be strictly enforcing this at our locations. In some instance as identified below, circumstances will dictate that we must restrict attendance even further. We ask that all attendees wear a mask.

We have implemented a Safe Distance Protocol for employees and the public. This means our employees will have no direct physical contact such as handshakes and hugs with one another or members of the public and they will observe a 12-foot distance wherever possible.


All visitors to our facilities will be screened as follows:

  1. Have you or any member of your immediate family been in contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19?
  2. Are you or any member of your immediate family in self-isolation?
  3. Has Public Health been involved?
  4. Do you have any of these symptoms:

If visitors answer YES to any of the above, we will be asking them to return home. If the purpose of their visit was to make cemetery arrangements, they will be instructed to call us and we will conduct the meeting remotely by phone.

Additional precautions specific to:

A. Interment

B. Mausoleum and Niche Entombments

C. Crematoriums:

Effective as of June 13th, 2020 new protocols at our PLLP Crematorium locations:

We thank our families, their guests and all visitors to our locations and facilities for their understanding during these extraordinary times.

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